Campbell Custom Homes

Leave it to Us

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your remodeling plan is in the best of hands.

Listening to our customers is the hallmark of what we do.  We aim to bring our customers "dream homes" to "reality".  Rather than just executing plans and drawings, we work with homeowners, building inspectors, architect's and designers to customize and create your vision. 

We're passionate about delivering an exceptional remodeling experience. When you hire us, you're hiring a team of professionals who are trained and skilled to deliver lasting value to your home.


From the initial design process to construction completion, we consider ourselves humble guests in your home, and as such respect your personal privacy and space.

We Love What We Do

Our crew come to work positive,  educated, and  ready to build your dream home. They have a passion for remodeling and are qualified to work on your design.

Why Choose Us

Get to know our experienced design and build teams. They’ve got tools, skills, and a desire to help. Each member works tirelessly to serve our common purpose: to provide an exceptional remodeling experience with honesty, integrity, quality, and open communication.


Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience. Most of all: they love planning, designing, and building and care about your project. We bring value to every interaction, and our customers love us.

Our Long-term Business partners

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, and that starts with hiring the best team possible.  When Campbell Custom Homes bids a job, Roy Campbell already knows who will be working along side of him every step of the way.

Roy is the project-manager on every job and oversees every aspect of his projects.  When Roy bids his jobs he already knows who he will be working with.  These professionals have worked side-by-side with Roy for may years.  He trusts each and every one of them to enter your house with respect and professionalism.

Electrician     (Larry) 

HVAC certified   (Cathy)

Plumbing    (Dave or Doug)

Framing      (Dan)

Landscaping    (Roger)

Concrete foundations  (Ricky at Campbell Custom Concrete)

Our Mission

The right care can ensure the success of any remodeling effort. We believe in partnership & trust and work with you to create a great working environment.

Campbell Custom Homes